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Lab07_1011_Memory - 8 x 1 memory chip Question 3 How many...

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Subject : CC2202 : Computer System Architecture Lab/Tutorial : Session 7 Memory Subject Lecturer : Steven Chan Semester : 2, 2009-10 Question 1 a) Give the truth table of the above SR flip-flop. b) List the binary outputs at the normal output (Q) of the SR flip-flop with input pulse train is given as shown (where alphabets are used as reference): Question 2 Fill in the missing information for the given simplified internal linear configuration of a
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Unformatted text preview: 8 x 1 memory chip. Question 3 How many check bits are required for 12-bit data word? Question 4 Design a 3-bit the Hamming code scheme for a 4-bit integer. Use 0100 as an example to illustrate how a single bit error can be corrected. CC2202-Computer System Architecture Lab 7 Answer Page 1...
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