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Chapter 11 Review CON252 - weighs 68 pounds pre foot 5 The...

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Chapter 11 Review 1. Steel is an iron alloy that contains less than two percent carbon. Iron can contain any amount of carbon. 2. Steel is shaped by passing, steel that is hot enough to be easily molded, by passing the large blocks through several rollers. The shape is adjusted by passing it through different rollers. 3. The fabricator receives raw steel shapes from the mill and then he cuts them to shape based on the plans. The erector then receives these pieces and is responsible for assembling the pieces on site. 4. A W21 X 68 is a wide flange piece of steel with a nominal depth of 21” and
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Unformatted text preview: weighs 68 pounds pre foot. 5. The top of a beam is often coped so its top surface can lay even with the girder that it is attached to. The bottom is coped so that it is easier to slide the beam in from above. 6. Composite construction allows a steel beam or deck with concrete fill to act together, which allows for the use of lighter steel. 7. Steel is better then wood in fire because it is no combustible and will not add to the fire. Steel does lose much of its structural integrity during a fire so special care must be taken to protect it....
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