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Lab08_external_storage_IOcontrol - Comment on the advantage...

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Subject : CC2202 : Computer System Architecture Lab/Tutorial : Session 8 External storage and Input/Output control Subject Lecturer : Steven Chan 1 Given a single-head hard disk that has the track-to-track (TTT) seek time of 5 microseconds, 1000 tracks on each recording surface, the platters rotating at 7500 RPM and 24 sectors per track. a. Find the average seek time (T s ) b. Find the rotational delay (T R ) c. Find the Transfer Time and the average access Time (T A ) required to transfer a sector of data d. Consider the case of the access time of the other adjacent sectors.
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Unformatted text preview: Comment on the advantage of De-fragmentation 2. What are major functions of an I/O module? 3. List and briefly define three techniques for performing I/O. 4. What is the different between memory-mapped I/O and isolated I/O? 5. When a device interrupt occurs, how does the processor determine which device issue the interrupt? 6. When a DMA module takes control of a bus, and while it retains control of the bus, what does the processor do?...
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