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Tutorial_1_Rev_2_ - First read the “setup guide” and...

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CC2203 Data Structures and Algorithms Sem 2, 2010-2011 Tutorial 1 Exercise 1. Explain the process of translating and executing a Java program. How might the World Wide Web be involved? 2. Categorize each of the following situations as a compile-time error, run-time error, or logical error. a) multiplying two numbers when you meant to add them b) dividing a number by zero c) spelling a word wrong in the output d) producing inaccurate results e) typing a { when you should have typed ( 3. In this subject, we use Java as the teaching language . Some of you might have asked the question: Why Java rather than C, or C++? Now, think about this question more seriously and TRY to give some good reasons why we choose this popular language. Review The “setup guide.doc” provides you with the instructions on setting up SDK 6.
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Unformatted text preview: First, read the “setup guide.doc” and set up SDK 6. After installing SDK 6, double-click on java0.zip to extract the java examples demonstrated in lecture(s), read the compile.txt in the sub-folders of java0 folder for compilation steps. Study the java source codes, compile them and execute them. Try to understand how the execution results come up from the java codes. Note: Starting from next tutorial (tutorial 2), you are required to submit your tutorial work answers for exercises to me. Tutorial work will not be graded unless your coursework fails (coursework below D grade). If one’s coursework fails, that tutorial work will be graded to see if condone pass should be issued or not....
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