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CC2203 Data Structures and Algorithms Sem 2, 2010-2011 Page 1 of 2 Tutorial 1 Solutions A1: Java source code is compiled by the Java compiler. The output of the Java compiler is known as bytecode . Bytecode is used as input for the Java interpreter, which translates each line of bytecode into machine code for the computer the program is to run on, then runs that machine code. This process is repeated until the program terminates. Bytecode may also be moved across the Internet via the WWW. If an HTML document contains a link to a Java applet bytecode, a Java-compatible web browser (e.g., Netscape) can download the bytecode. The browser Java interpreter then translates and executes the bytecode. A2: Recall the definitions of the three different kinds of errors. a) Logical b) Run-time c) Logical d) Logical e) Compile-time A3: Most of you will probably tell the following as the first good reason: Java is the most popular language used for the Internet computing because it provides convenient access to the Internet. As the matter of fact, Java popularity is also due
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Tutorial_1_Sol_1011sem2 - CC2203 Data Structures and...

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