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CC2203 Data Structures and Algorithms Sem 2, 2009-2010 Tutorial 3 Instruction In this tutorial, you are required to submit your tutorial work answer for exercise 1 to me. Tutorial work will not be graded unless your coursework fails (coursework below D grade). If one’s coursework fails, that tutorial work will be graded to see if condone pass should be issued or not. Exercise 1. What is object orientation? 2. Categorize each of the following as either a class or an object: a) a book b) the book Java Software Solutions c) my copy of Java Software Solutions d) my dog e) the picture of my dog biting the mailman f) a car 3. Describe each of the following terminologies: a) Object b) Class 4. Based on the BankAccount class created for question 4 in last tutorial (tutorial 2), write a subclass SavingsAccount of the main class BankAccount . Beside the three inherited attributes accountNo , accountName and balance , the subclass SavingsAccount contains one more attribute interestRate which is a double. The subclass has its constructor which in turn calls its superclass’ constructor and sets
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Tutorial_3-v02-_read_me_first_ - CC2203 Data Structures and...

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