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CC2203 Data Structures and Algorithms Sem 2, 2009-2010 Tutorial 9 Instruction In this tutorial, you are required to submit your tutorial work answer for exercise to me. Tutorial work will not be graded unless your coursework fails (coursework below D grade). If one’s coursework fails, that tutorial work will be graded to see if condone pass should be issued or not. Exercise 1 Given the following Java code: class Node { Object element; // element in the node Node next; // next is the pointer pointing at the next node Node(Object element) { this.element = element; this.next = null; } Node(Object element, Node next) { this.element = element; this.next = next; } } public class LinkedQueue { Node front; public boolean isEmpty() { return front == null; // return true iff queue is empty } public Object getFrontElement() { if (isEmpty()) return null; // return null if the queue is empty else return front.element; // return the element at the queue front } public Object getRearElement() { // code to be completed. } public void put(Object theElement) { // insert theElement at the queue rear Node n = new Node(theElement); // create a node for theElement
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Tutorial_9_v02-for-viewing-printing - CC2203 Data...

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