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CC2203 Data Structures and Algorithms Sem 2, 2009-2010 Tutorial 11 Instruction In this tutorial, you are required to submit your tutorial work answer for the exercises to me. Tutorial work will not be graded unless your coursework fails (coursework below D grade). If one’s coursework fails, that tutorial work will be graded to see if condone pass should be issued or not. Exercise 1 (a) Suppose the sequence of integers 23, 9, 17, 88, 3, 27, 30 is to be inserted into a binary search tree (BST). Then, the root of the BST contains the integer 23 after the first insertion. Draw the BST after inserting all the integers in that sequence. (b) Suppose for every node x of an AVL tree, its balance factor is computed as follows: balance factor of x = height of right subtree of x - height of left subtree of x Figure 1 shows the AVL tree containing the integer 23 with the balance factor 0 after the first
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Unformatted text preview: insertion. Based on Figure 1, draw the AVL tree and indicate the balance factors for all nodes after inserting the sequence of integers in part (a) of this question. Figure 1 (c) Draw the binary tree after deleting node 48 from the binary tree in Figure 2. Figure 2 (d) If preorder traversal is used to visit the binary tree in Figure 2, show the order of the nodes visited. CC2203 Data Structures and Algorithms Sem 2, 2009-2010 Review 1. Double-click bookprog.zip to extract bookprog folder. The bookprog folder contains all Java codes presented in the lectures. 2. Read the corresponding lecture slides ( Lecture Notes 12) for the compilation and execution. Understand those Java source codes, compile and execute them....
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Tutorial_11_v02-for-viewing-printing - insertion Based on...

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