Have you ever struggled mightily and succeed 3

Have you ever struggled mightily and succeed 3 - Have you...

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Have you ever struggled mightily and succeeded? With two minutes marked on the clock, my opponent and I commence the ritual of perspiring palms. I only have one goal: to send as many lines to my opponent as I can. People see Tetris as a game that requires no skill. But that’s not true; it is a game that requires dexterity in both one’s fingers and brain. Every time I get full rows, the lines go to my opponent’s side. The only way to eradicate these lines is for the victim to clear a row as well. When time expires, the person who has sent the most lines win. And therefore, this game is considered as one of the most brilliant games of all time. Being an immigrant from Korea, I’ve had my difficulties, especially during my early years. Korean was the most convenient language at the time, so English was a great challenge for me. In Tetris, the game allowed me to chat and connect with others around the U.S., by communicating with people my age. This function was available 24 hours a day, so whenever I
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