Impacting_Intolerance - I mpacting In tolerance: Making...

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Impacting Intolerance: Making Inferences from Research Directions: 1. Take out your note cards. 2. Lay note cards on the table. 3. Organize/Group your note cards. Look for connections. 4. Label your groupings. Example: Negative Effects of Bullying. 5. Complete chart below IDENTIFY GROUPING Categorize note cards into groups INFERENCES /CONCLUSIONS Analyze Data: What can you learn from the research? ASSUMPTION COMPARISON How does this compare to your assumption? For example: “Issues with the Law for Gay families” For example: Even though 50-70% of gays and lesbians are in steady relationships, many courts have ruled gay parents unfit to parent their children. While studies have found that gay families have unique strengths that help troubled children because gay couples adopting usually accept differences, understand what it is like to be in the minority, assign different gender roles, and have the skills to be open about sexuality with children who have been sexually abused, gay adoption is illegal in Florida and Utah. For example: I assumed that gay couples were treated equally in the United States. Why do Micronesians act the way they do? It goes back into the history of when
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Impacting_Intolerance - I mpacting In tolerance: Making...

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