Article Review - A rticle Review Was There a Great...

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Article Review Was There a Great Awakening in the Mid-Eighteenth Century America? Joo Won Choi Period 1 The Great Awakening was a spiritual awakening among many colonists, giving them a sacrosanct view on every perspective of life. The awakening initially started in England, but quickly moved into America. The Great Awakening brought faith back into many peoples’ lives. Whether the cause would be viewed as either coincidence or fate might be hard to say. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 brought end to fights and repressed religions other than a Protestant. Catholics, Judaists and Puritans were mistreated. Conclusions were made based on whether or not the person was Protestant or not. From a political perspective, did not seem to be a big deal. In fact religions helped many people get into high seats. With a wide range of religions being shunned, a spiritual “dryness” occurred amongst the people. Religion only seemed to be a burden amongst the people. With constant fighting and unbiased treatment, what was the advantage of a religion? Religion became obsolete for this period of time.
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But religion was jump started. It was either spiritualism or
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Article Review - A rticle Review Was There a Great...

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