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King Saud University College of Computer and Information Systems, Department of Computer Science CSC 113: Java Programming-II, Spring2011, February 21, 2011 Tutorial #4 : Relationships between Classes Write the Java code for the following two classes as well as a main program: Library : Library (size:int): addBook (Bid:int, Btitle: string, type: string, int p) : bool returns true if addition completed addBook (Book b): bool returns true if addition completed searchLast (id: int): int search for the last book having the given id; if found returns its index or negative value otherwise searchIth (t: string, i:int): int search for the ith book having the title t; if found returns the Book index or negative value otherwise
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Unformatted text preview:  searchAll (t : string): int[]  returns an array that contains the indexes of every book of Type t  count (t: string ): int  return the number of books that have type t  split (l1: Library, l2: Library, t: Type )  copies all books of type t in l1; the others are copied in l2. Library Book -name: string + Library(size:int) + addBook(Bid:int, Btitle: string, type: string, int p) + addBook(Book b): bool + searchLast(id: int): int + searchIth(t: string): int + searchAll(t : string): int[] + count(t: string ): int + split(l1: Library, l2:Library, t: Type -id: Int -title: string -type: string -pages:int + constructor+ Setters/getters + display() Books 1 *...
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