CSC 1401 Homework 1 - ///// | o o | (| ^ |) | [_]...

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CSC 1401 Homework 1 All work that is turned in must: Contain explicit acknowledgment if you received ANY sort of help (from students or other professors) Turn in a hard copy of your code and a hard copy of the output as follows: o The hard copies must be in the order listed in the homework email me a zipped file of your code o Create a directory called yourname HW1 and do all your work under this directory. o Go to the parent directory and zip this directory using Winzip (or gzip under Unix) o Email the zip file to me. Part 1: Write a program FaceMaker that prints a face, using text characters. Leave one blank line under the face and then display your name inside a box. The final "picture" should look something like (though hopefully better than):
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Unformatted text preview: ///// | o o | (| ^ |) | [_] |-----+-----+ |Suzan| +-----+ This is not an art class, so I will not be judging you on your artistic ability. But have fun with your design! Part 2: Write a program SumOfReciprocals that computes the sum of the reciprocals 1/1 + 1/2 + . .. + 1/5 and prints out the result. Also please answer the following questions as comments in the program: 1. When you got the program to run the first time (after correcting syntax errors), was the result 1? 2. Was this the result you were expecting? 3. How did you correct the problem? Grading 80% correct output 10% answering the questions in Part 2 10% style -- 5% each for comments and indentation and spacing...
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CSC 1401 Homework 1 - ///// | o o | (| ^ |) | [_]...

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