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KSU / CCIS / CS DEPARTMENT CSC-113, SPRING 2010 LAB 3 – ARRAY OF OBJECTS The UML diagram of the Store and the Product is represented as follows. The Store contains a maximum of 100 products. Store class : The class Store provides the following services: addProduct that adds a new product and returns True if successful, False otherwise. search that accepts the name of product and returns True if exist, False otherwise. deleteP that accepts the name of product that will be deleted. deleteP returns the
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Unformatted text preview: deleted object. • highestP that displays the information of the highest priced product and returns that object. Implement Product, Store, and a main class to test your program. Store - Location: String - ArrayProd [ ]: Product + Store (s: String, k: int) + addProduct ( Product pr ): boolean + search (n: String): boolean + deleteP (n: String): Product + highestP( ): Product Product - name: String - quantity: int - price: int + Product (String, int, int) + setters/getters + display ( )...
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