CSC 1401 Homework #6 - CSC 1401 Homework #6 George J....

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CSC 1401 Homework #6 George J. Grevera, Ph.D. All work that is turned in must: Contain explicit acknowledgment if you received ANY sort of help (from students or other professors) Turn in a printed copy of your code and a printed copy of the output as follows: o The printed copies must be in the order listed in the homework o All papers MUST be stapled together, with your name on the first page Email me a zipped file of your code o Create a directory called yournameHW6 and copy ALL the necessary source files and input files to this directory. o Go to the parent directory and zip this directory using Winzip (or gzip under Unix) o Email the zip file to Objective(s): work with arrays gain more experience writing functions Assignment description: Use the code below as the basis for a hotel reservation system (HRS). The customer calls the hotel front desk to book a room. The front desk is running your software on one of its computers. The basic operations available are: i. book one room, ii. book two adjoining rooms, iii. list all unoccupied rooms, iv. list all occupied rooms, v. help lists information about available functions, vi. report percent of hotel rooms that are unoccupied, vii. quit the system (shut the system down). The people at the front desk choose a particular operation, typically in response to a phone call.
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Start by modularizing the existing program code below as follows. Create a function from the welcome message (and call this new function from main). Next, create a
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CSC 1401 Homework #6 - CSC 1401 Homework #6 George J....

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