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KSU / CCIS / CS DEPARTMENT CSC-113, SPRING 2010 LAB 2 – ARRAY OF OBJECTS Create class Employee including the following: - Members: o Integer id o String name o Double salary - Methods o public Employee() o public Employee(int ID, double Salary, String Name) o Getters o Setters Create class Company including the following: (the max number of employees should be 50) - Members: o String name o Double capital o Employee[] arrayEmp - Methods o public Company()
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Unformatted text preview: o public boolean addEmployee(Employee emp) o public Boolean isEmpty() o public Boolean isFull() o public int search(int Id) o public int search(Employee emp) Write a main class to test your program. The program must be a menu-driven which print and execute the following: 1> Add an employee. 2> Search for an employee in the company and print employee details. 3> Is the company full? 4> Is the company empty?...
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