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BIS 104 Practice Question 10 10. In class we discussed the experimental evidence that the enzyme desaturase A is required for a bacterium, such as E. coli, to maintain membrane fluidity so it can continue to replicate at a normal rate when subjected to low temperatures. Describe an experiment or observation that would support the plausibility of the idea that desaturase A activity might be involved in regulating membrane fluidity. EXPERIMENT: Quantify the desaturase A activity in wild type and in mutant E. coli that grow more slowly when the tempertature is lowered from 34 to 22 degrees. Compare the enzyme activity in both strains. RESULTS: Results would show that the strain that grows slowly at 22 degrees has less
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Unformatted text preview: desaturase A activity than wild type E. coli . Design an experiment to test the hypothesis that an increase in desaturase A activity is sufficient to allow a cell to maintain its replication rate when subjected to low temperatures. Describe the results of your experiment. EXPERIMENT: Transfect slow growing mutant bacteria with promoter linked to gene coding for desaturase A. Quantify a) desaturase activity and, b) rate of growth at 22 degrees Compare rate of growth to wild type. RESULTS: Transfected bacteria express desaturase and acquire rate of growth comparable to that of wild type....
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