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BIS 104 Fall 2007 Practice Question #2 Question #2 concerns the series of experiments described by Mukouyama, et. al., in their article titled, “Sensory Nerves Determine the Pattern of Arterial Differentiation and Blood Vessel Branching in the Skin.” CELL , Vol. 109, 693-705, 2002. In order to answer this 4-part question, you will have to read only the introductory pages of the article (pp. 693-694). 1a. What experimental “system” is being used in this investigation? That is, what types of cells, tissues, organisms are being used in this series of experiments? Initial experiments used fragments of mouse embryo limb skin. Later in vitro experiments used purified cell populations isolated from limb skin. 1b. What fundamental anatomical observations prompted this line of research?
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Unformatted text preview: Previous observations on the relationship between nerve branching patterns and blood vessel patterns showed that they were often in close physical association with each other. 1c. Based on these fundamental observations, what is the main question posed by these investigators? Do nerve and blood vessel branching patterns arise independently, or is there a causal realtionship between the two patterns? 1d. What is the HYPOTHESIS that is being tested in this project? (Rephrase your answer to 1c in the form of a scientific hypothesis – one sentence should suffice). Peripheral nerves are (are not) responsible for determining the branching pattern of blood vessels....
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