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BIS 104 Practice Question #16 b answers 2. Receptors are distributed diffusely, not in coated pits. Experiment: Repeat above experiment and compare pattern of receptor staining on the normal cells vs FH- cells Expected results: Staining pattern observed on PM of normal cells shows clusters of concentrated fluorescence. In contrast, FH- cell fluorescence is diffuse or evenly distributed over PM surface. 3. FH- cells have LDL receptors, but they fail to bind LDLs.
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Unformatted text preview: Experiment: Label LDLs with ferretin or 125-Iodine isotope. Add equal concentration of labeled LDLs to fibroblast cultures from normal and FH-individuals Allow equal time for binding; wash away any unbound LDLs. Examine (TEM for ferritin or autoradiography + TEM for 125-I) and compare normal vs FH- labeling Expected results: Binding of LDLs is seen in coated pits of normal fibroblasts, but not in cells from FH- individuals....
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