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iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to give thanks to the faculty and staff of WSU for your assistance and support during the last two years. Special thanks to committee chair and my advisor Dr. Jinwen Zhang, who has constantly provided constructive suggestions and support. And also I appreciate much for the advice and instructions directly from my committee member Dr. Long Jiang. Meanwhile, I feel grateful for the assistance and dedication from another committee member, Dr. Katie Zhong. Actually, there are many people at Composite Materials and Engineering
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Unformatted text preview: Center (CMEC) to thank, but I will try to give as much credit as possible. I will not be able to complete this research without the technical as well as administrative support from lab personnel such as Bob Duncan, Dr. Karl Englund, Dr. Vikram Yadama, Judy Edmister, Pat Smith and Janet Duncan. My thanks also go to all my colleagues at the lab who assisted me a lot on experiments. Finally, a special sign of appreciation goes out to my parents, brother and loving fiancée, who unconditionally give me emotional support on completing my graduate degree....
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