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19 1.7 Reference Avella, M., M. E Errico, and E. Martuscelli. 2001. ―Novel PMMA/CaCO3 nanocomposites abrasion resistant prepared by an in situ polymerization process.‖ Nano Letters 1:213–217. Chen, B. K, T. M Chiu, and S. Y Tsay. 2004. ―Synthesis and characterization of polyimide/silica hybrid nanocomposites.‖ Journal of Applied Polymer Science 94:382–393. Cole, K. C. 1991. ―A new approach to modeling the cure kinetics of epoxy/amine thermosetting resins. 1. Mathematical development.‖ Macromolecules 24:3093– 3097. Ebnesajjad, S., and P. R Khaladkar. 2005. Fluoropolymers applications in chemical processing industries: the definitive user's guide and databook . William Andrew Inc. Fischer, W. K. 1985. Dynamically partially cured thermoplastic blend of monoolefin copolymer rubber and polyolefin plastic . Google Patents. Geim, A. K., and K. S. Novoselov. 2007. ―The rise of graphene.‖ Nature materials 6:183–191. Heinrich, G., and T. A. Vilgis. 1993. ―Contribution of entanglements to the mechanical
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