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20 Lewis, W. K., L. Squires, and R. D Nutting. 1937. ―Mechanism of Rubber Vulcanization with Sulfur.‖ 29:1135–1144. Li, Y. et al. 2006. ―A novel thermoplastic elastomer by reaction-induced phase decomposition from a miscible polymer blend.‖ Macromolecules 39:4195–4201. Liao, F. S, A. C Su, and T. C.J Hsu. 1994. ―Damping behaviour of dynamically cured butyl rubber/polypropylene blends.‖ Polymer 35:2579–2586. Liu, X., W. Xin, and J. Zhang. 2009. ―Rosin-derived imide-diacids as epoxy curing agents for enhanced performance.‖ Bioresource Technology . Maiti, M., and A. K Bhowmick. 2006. ―Effect of solution concentration on the properties of nanocomposites.‖ Journal of Applied Polymer Science 101:2407–2411. Moore, A. L. 2005. Fluoroelastomers handbook: the definitive user's guide and databook . William Andrew Publishing. Park, J. H, and S. C Jana. 2003. ―Mechanism of Exfoliation of Nanoclay Particles in Epoxy- Clay Nanocomposites.‖
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