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25 resistance, low friction coefficient, and low permeability. Fluoropolymer can be categorized into two large groups, i.e. fluorothermoplastics and fluoroelastomers. Fluorothermoplastics can be melted repeatedly and processed by conventional melt- processing techniques such as extrusion and injection molding. Fluoroelastomers are elastomeric polymers which are crosslinked for high performance and cannot be melt processed again after crosslinking. It has been shown that fluoroelastomer/clay nanocomposites can achieve significant improvement in mechanical and thermal properties such as stiffness, modulus, strength, and heat distortion temperature with small contents of nanoclay (Maiti, et al. 2008). This type of materials is in great demand in critical industrial and aerospace applications. To the best of our knowledge, almost all the fluoropolymer nanocomposites in the literature are based on the use of nanoclay. Nanoclay was found to affect vulcanization
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Unformatted text preview: kinetics of a fluoroelastomer. It could effectively reduce the energy requirement for the curing process of the fluoroelastomer (Kader and Nah 2004) and increase the thermal degradation temperature of the fluoroelastomer in both nitrogen and oxygen atmospheres (Kader, et al. 2006). Likozar et al. (2007) simulated dynamic mechanical properties of a vulcanized fluoroelastomer and showed the viscoelastic behaviors of the fluoroelastomer at different temperatures. Compared to other polymer nanocomposites, fluoropolymer nanocomposites have received significantly less investigations. The influences of the nanofillers and their surface treatments on the vulcanization of fluoroelastomers and the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of the vulcanized nanocomposites are still not clear. Fluoropolymer-graphene nanocomposites have not been reported elsewhere in the...
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