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31 Post curing of the FC2260 and its nanocomposites was performed by pressing mixed material into sheet (1.5 mm × 40mm× 40mm) at 242 o C using a compression mold and a hot press machine (Model 3851-0, Carver Inc.). The temperature and press pressure (2 × 10 3 psi) were maintained for 24 h to make sure the fluoroelastomer was fully cured (Dyneon technical information). The obtained sheets were used for further characterizations. The formulations of all the prepared FC2260 nanocomposites are listed
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Unformatted text preview: in Table 2.1. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) was carried out on a DMA Q800 dynamic mechanical analyzer (TA instruments) using a single cantilever configuration. Samples for DMA measuring were cut from above prepared sheets of fully cured FC2260 nanocomposites. All samples were tested from -60 to 120 o C at a ramp rate of 3 o C/min and a frequency of 1 Hz. Oscillating strain was set at 0.02% for all tests....
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