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51 Figure 2.8 TGA curves showing weight loss of the different types of nanofillers. 2.4.6 Morphology of FC 2260 Nanocomposites Figure 2.9 shows the SEM micrographs of silica and graphite before and after treatment. It is known that the received silica was nano-sized, the SEM images of T-SiO 2 and UT- SiO 2 suggest that both unmixed fillers existed as agglomerates. By comparing the micrographs of graphite before and after treatment (Figure 2.9c –e), it is clear that the
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Unformatted text preview: graphite was effectively expanded as the layered structure revealed in the treated one. To examine the dispersion of the nanofillers in the elastomer and interaction between the nanofillers and the matrix, both cryo-fractured and cryo-sliced surfaces of the FC 2260/ T-SiO 2 , FC 2260/T-G and FC 2260-UT-SiO 2 composites were prepared for SEM...
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