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59 2.6 Reference: Advanced Polymer, INC., 2005. ― Silane Coupling Agents. ‖. Balandin, A. A et al. 2008. ―Superior thermal conductivity of single-layer graphene.‖ Nano letters 8:902–907. Beck, J. B et al. 2009. ―Facile Preparation of Nanoparticles by Intramolecular Cross- Linking of Isocyanate Functionalized Copolymers.‖ Macromolecules 42:5629– 5635. Chaimberg, M., and Y. Cohen. 1990. ―Note on the silylation of inorganic oxide supports.‖ Journal of colloid and interface science 134:576–579. CHARTOFF, R. P, J. D MENCZEL, and S. H DILLMAN. 2009. ―DYNAMIC MECHANICAL ANALYSIS (DMA).‖ Thermal Analysis of Polymers, Fundamentals and Applications 387. Chen, B. K, T. M Chiu, and S. Y Tsay. 2004. ―Synthesis and characterization of polyimide/silica hybrid nanocomposites.‖ Journal of Applied Polymer Science 94:382–393. Das, B., K. E Prasad, U. Ramamurty, and C. N. R. Rao. 2009. ―Nano-indentation studies on polymer matrix composites reinforced by few-layer graphene.‖
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Unformatted text preview: Nanotechnology 20:125705. Dikin, D. A et al. 2007. ―Preparation and characterization of graphene oxide paper.‖ Nature 448:457–460. Geim, A. K., and K. S. Novoselov. 2007. ―The rise of graphene.‖ Nature materials 6:183–191. Gianelli, W. et al. 2005. ―Effect of matrix features on polypropylene layered silicate nanocomposites.‖ Polymer 46:7037–7046. Iijima, M., M. Tsukada, and H. Kamiya. 2007. ―Effect of particle size on surface modification of silica nanoparticles by using silane coupling agents and their dispersion stability in methylethylketone.‖ Journal of colloid and interface science 307:418–424. Jiang, L., J. Zhang, and M. P Wolcott. 2007. ―Comparison of polylactide/nano-sized calcium carbonate and polylactide/montmorillonite composites: Reinforcing effects and toughening mechanisms.‖ Polymer 48:7632–7644. Joly, S., G. Garnaud, R. Ollitrault, L. Bokobza, and J. E. Mark. 2002. ―Organically...
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