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Polymer00071 - modified layered silicates as reinforcing...

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60 modified layered silicates as reinforcing fillers for natural rubber.‖ Chem. Mater 14:4202 4208. Kader, M. A, M. Y Lyu, and C. Nah. 2006. ―A study on melt processing and thermal properties of fluoroelastomer nanocomposites.‖ Composites Science and Technology 66:1431 1443. Kader, M. A, and C. Nah. 2004. ―Influence of clay on the v ulcanization kinetics of fluoroelastomer nanocomposites.‖ Polymer 45:2237 2247. Kamiya, H., M. Mitsui, H. Takano, and S. Miyazawa. 2004. ―Influence of particle diameter on surface silanol structure, hydration forces, and aggregation behavior of alkoxide-d erived silica particles.‖ Journal of the American Ceramic Society 83:287 293. Kim, G. M, D. H Lee, B. Hoffmann, J. Kressler, and G. St\ öppelmann. 2001. ―Influence of nanofillers on the deformation process in layered silicate/polyamide-12 nanocomposites.‖ Polymer 42:1095 1100. Kim, J., T. Oh, and D. Lee. 2003. ―Preparation and characteristics of nitrile rubber (NBR) nanocomposites based on organophilic layered clay.‖ Polymer International 52:1058 1063.
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