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Polymer00075 - temperatures but can be thermoplastically...

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64 blends was influenced differently depending on the nanofiller type. The nanofillers appeared to preferentially reside in the elastomer phase of the blends. 3.2 Introduction Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) have attracted much attention because they combine the processing characteristics of thermoplastic and the elastomeric characteristics of rubbers in one material (Ellul, et al. 2004; Sirisinha, et al. 2004; Ma et al. 2004). International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers defines TPE as ―polymers, polymer blends or compounds which, above their melt temperatures, exhibit thermoplastic character that enables them to be shaped into fabricated articles and which, within their design temperature range, possess elastomeric behavior without crosslinking during fabrication. This process is reversible and the products can be reprocessed and remoulded.‖
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Unformatted text preview: temperatures but can be thermoplastically processed at elevated temperatures. TPE becomes an attractive material also due to the possibility of changing material properties, such as tensile properties, through varying the ratio of plastic/ elastomer fractions (Weidisch et al. 2001). Most TPEs are basically phase-separated systems and usually one phase is rigid at ambient temperature whereas the other is rubbery. The rigid phase gives these TPEs strength, without which the elastomer phase would be easy to deform under stress and on the other hand, the elastomer phase provides flexibility and elasticity to the system (Drobny 2007). Because phase separation could influence the mechanical properties of polymer blends, it is critical to investigate the microstructure and morphology of TPEs....
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