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66 would lead to a 3-D cross-linked network throughout a single phase elastomer material, which makes material reprocessing impossible (Li et al. 2006). During dynamic vulcanization, the morphology and compatibility of TPE blends varies depending on the content of the dispersed elastomer and the compatibilizer used, which in turn leads to wide variation in mechanical properties of the resulting composites. It is accepted that for an immiscible binary blend two separate glass transitions (corresponding to the two components) can be observed and for a miscible blend only one glass transition is observed (Mader et al. 1999). Though many studies on TPEs have been carried out, the influence of nanofillers on mechanical and thermal properties of high performance TPE systems, e.g., fluorothermoplastic elastomer needs to be further investigated. It has also been found that many TPEs, e.g. diene rubber- polyolefin based thermoplastic elastomer (Fischer
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Unformatted text preview: 1985), butyl rubber-polypropylene based thermoplastic elastomer (Liao et al. 1994), and acrylic rubber-poly(vinylidene fluoride) based thermoplastic elastomer (Li et al. 2006), show higher mechanical properties through dynamic vulcanization. However, few studies on dynamic vulcanization of F-TPE have been reported. Further, the effects of nanofillers on F-TPE dynamic vulcanization and on the properties of the resulting F-TPE nanocomposites also deserve an in-depth investigation because of the significant effects of nanofillers on the vulcanization and properties of fluoroelastomers. In this chapter, F-TPE nanocomposites with different types and contents of nanofillers were prepared by dynamic vulcanization process. The properties of the nanocomposites including thermal, mechanical, and dynamic properties were investigated. The objectives of this research include:...
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