COURSE OUTLINE - Municipal Mutual Insurance B 17 16-Mar GFP Review None GFP Progress Report 2 21-Mar 23-Mar Spring Break(March 21 – 27 18 28-Mar

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1. COURSE OUTLINE Session Date Topic Readings Assignments Group 1 19-Jan Course Introduction Syllabus None 2 24-Jan Introduction to Control Systems None In-class exercise 3 26-Jan Koga; Guidance on Control (Part1) Satsuki Restaurant 4 31-Jan Guidance on Control (Part 2) Papa John’s vs. Pizza Hut 5 2-Feb Cancelled 6 7-Feb Ouchi Lincoln Electric Company A 7 9-Feb Understanding Internal Controls S-S Technologies Inc. GFP Progress Report 1 B 8 14-Feb Process Modeling & Business Risk Turner & Weickgenannt Ch. 2 and Ch. 8 Campground Management Services C 9 16-Feb Yates Ch. 1 Mooreman's Hardware (A) D 10 21-Feb Simons Ch. 12 Champaign Parking E 11 23-Feb Simons Ch. 13 Oswego Paper Co. (A) F 12 28-Feb Gryna Ch.1+ 2 Freedom Company G 13 2-Mar Systems Theory & Process Re-engineering Oswego Paper Co. (B) H 14 7-Mar Hammer and Champy Ch. 3 Rise and Demise / Citigroup A 15 9-Mar Guest Speaker None 16 14-Mar Systems Theory & Process Re-engineering Bell, et al. Ch. 7
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Unformatted text preview: Municipal Mutual Insurance B 17 16-Mar GFP Review None GFP Progress Report 2 21-Mar 23-Mar Spring Break (March 21 – 27) 18 28-Mar Organizational Architecture, Contracting, and Performance Measurement Brickley, et al. Ch. 10 None 19 30-Mar Brickley, et al. Ch. 11 Employee Health Care Options C 20 4-Apr Brickley, et al. Ch. 12 Aegean Isles Restaurants D 21 6-Apr Zimmerman Ch. 7 Industrial Chemicals Company E 22 11-Apr Brickley, et al. Ch.15, Bol Siesta Inns, Inc. F 23 13-Apr Brickley, et al. Ch.16 Vanderbilt Furnishings G 24 18-Apr Business Ethics and Control Brickley, et al. Ch. 22; Cialdini et al. Heartland Chamber of Commerce H 25 20-Apr None Accounting Fraud at WorldCom 26 25-Apr GFP prep. Day None None 27 27-Apr Group Field Project Presentations None Groups TBA 28 2-May 29 4-May Course Summary None None...
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