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Unformatted text preview: Jim's Monthly Rent Tip: Draw your flowchart Jim Landlord Instructions: Click on Insert tab Click on "Shapes" Look under flowchart an Position shape where yo Right click and select ed Adjust the shape and fon 15t h of t he m ont h Check or credit c ard? Check I recommend putting in y Insert the arrows by click CC Writ e c heck Call landlord & p rovide CC info Process Paym ent Com plet ed c heck Mail check t o l andlord Com plet ed c heck Process Paym ent Note that when you are i As you select, right-click ip: Draw your flowchart out before creating in Excel structions: lick on Insert tab lick on "Shapes" ook under flowchart and select the shape you need osition shape where you want it ight click and select edit text--type in the text you want djust the shape and font size as needed recommend putting in your shapes before putting in all the arrows sert the arrows by clicking on Insert, then Shapes (look in the lines section) ote that when you are inserting a shape, you can select the color/style you want. s you select, right-click on your style and choose "set as default". Jim's Monthly Rent Jim Landlord ...
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