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ACCY 304 Lab Jamison Example At Jamison Manufacturing, the revenue processes are conducted by five employees. The five employees are the sales clerk, warehouse clerk, accountant 1, accountant 2, and the collection clerk. A description of their duties is as follows: a. The sales clerk receives customer orders by phone. She prepares a four-copy sales order form. She files one copy, one copy goes to the warehouse clerk, one copy goes to accountant 1, and one copy is mailed to the customer. b. After receiving a sales order, the warehouse clerk prepares a packing slip, takes the proper items from the warehouse, and ships them with the packing slip enclosed. The sales order is stamped with the ship date, and the shipping log is updated. The sales order is filed by customer number. c. After receiving the sales order from the sales clerk, accountant 1 reviews the customer records and either approves or disapproves customer credit. If he approves the customer’s credit, he stamps the sales order “approved” and forwards it to accountant 2.
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