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ACCY 304 Lab AIS Concepts Take a few minutes to answer the questions below with your group. List names at the top, right- hand corner. Your group just needs to submit one copy. 1. Which of the following statements is not true? a. Accounting information systems must maintain both detail and summary information. b. Business processes may vary from company to company. c. Regardless of the extent of computerization, all accounting information systems must capture data from the transactions within business processes. d. Business processes categorized as expenditure processes are not intended to be processes that serve customers. 2. In a manual system, an adjusting entry would most likely be initially recorded in a a. special journal b. subsidiary ledger. c. general journal. . d. general ledger. 3. Which of the following is not a disadvantage of maintaining legacy systems? a. There are fewer programmers available to support and maintain legacy systems. b. They contain invaluable historical data that may be difficult to integrate into
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ACCY%20304%20Lab-AIS%20Activity-Answers - ACCY 304 Lab AIS...

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