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ACCY%20304%20Lab--Jamison%20Flowchart-1-27-11 - Totals...

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Jamison Manufacturing Sales and Collections Document Flowchart Customer Sales Clerk Warehouse Clerk Accountant 1 Accountant 2 Mail Clerk Collections Clerk Places a Phone Order Prepare Sales Order Sales Order A B Sales Order A B Sales Order Prepare Packing Slip & Ship Goods Stamped Sales Order Shipping Log Sales Order Approve Credit & Stamp Sales Order Customer Records Prepare Invoice Invoice Invoice Invoice Sales Journal A/R Subsidiary Ledger Post and Prepare Daily
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Unformatted text preview: Totals Check Write Check Check Cash Receipts Journal Stamp Check & Prepare Deposit Bank Carrier Packing Slip Sales Order Retrieve ordered items from warehouse Stamp ship date on sales order C Invoice Approved Sales Order Match Documents Invoice Approved Sales Order C Check D Update Receivables Records E Post Sales Summaries Post Collections Summaries D E General Ledger General Ledger...
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