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Sample questions second test BADM 449 Fertig This set of sample questions includes many test question used in previous semesters. It is not all inclusive and your test may have questions not listed here. This is not a complete study guide, only a set of sample questions. Using examples from the Wall Street Journal article demonstrate your knowledge of the course material. List six concepts and explain how each concept is demonstrated in the article. 1._______________________________ 2._______________________________ 3._______________________________ 4._______________________________ 5. _______________________________ 6. _______________________________
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1. Discuss the effect of the separation of ownership and control in the modern corporation. 2. Define corporate-level and business-level strategies and give examples of each. 3. Explain the stakeholder and shareholder views of the firm. 4. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover and second mover as we think about technology and competitive advantage. 5. What are the sources of first mover advantage?
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Sample%20questions%20test%20two1 - Sample questions second...

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