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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Business Department of Business Administration BADM 449: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT / BUSINESS POLICY Fall 2007 Name: Joseph T. Mahoney Investors in Business Education Professor of Strategy Office : Wohlers Hall 140C Office Hours : T-TH 10:00AM - 11:30AM Phone : 244-8257 (Or by appointment) Email : [email protected] Website: Username: BADM_449 Password: Orange*Blue (case sensitive) Section P: Tuesday Thursday 8:30AM 9:50AM 226 Wohlers Hall SYLLABUS CONTENTS Introduction and Course Objectives 02 The Relationship of Strategic Management to Other Business Courses 03 Techniques for Learning Strategic Management 03 Case Analysis 03 Group Work 04 Exams 04 Individual Participation 04 Expectations and Policies 04-05 Course Texts and Cases 05-06 Course Requirements and Grading 06-07 Explanation of Assignments 07 Individual Case Assignments 07-08 Individual Case Write-Up 08 Group Case Assignments 08-10 Case Questions 10 In-Class Exams 10 Participation 10-11 Practicum 12 Top Management Team 12 Group Presentation for Primary Case 12-13 Group Paper on Primary Case 13-16 List of Case Assignments by Group 17 Class Sessions and Assignments 18-24
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2 INTRODUCTION AND COURSE OBJECTIVES Strategic management deals with decisions that fundamentally influence the direction of the organization and effective implementation of the direction chosen. Strategic management addresses the organizational structure , , and the strategic positioning of the organization to create, capture and sustain competitive advantage. In addition to economic value creation , management also must make decisions concerning the distribution of this economic value. In BADM 449, Strategic Management/Business Policy, you will develop your skills at: Understanding how firms gain and sustain competitive advantage; Analyzing strategic business situations and formulating strategy; and Implementing strategy and organizing the firm for strategic success. Success ultimately depends not only on the soundness of the formulated strategy, but also on effective implementation through appropriate organizational choices. This capstone business course focuses on strategic decisions, and with both the content of those decisions and the processes by which general managers position the businesses and allocate resources under conditions of both uncertainty and competition. This course utilizes various tools, concepts, and analytical frameworks that enhance our ability to define and analyze strategic problems and to identify sources of competitive advantage from both an industry and firm-level perspective. This senior-level business course focuses on key issues in
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BA449_Syllabus_Fall2007 - University of Illinois at...

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