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ENG 101-Assignment - for example stalking and preying on an innocent celebrity Our news magazines and newspapers are only feeding into this problem

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Negative Aspects of a Celebrity Obsessed Society-ENG101-Assignment 1 Today’s society has become celebrity obsessed at such an alarming rate, that society is failing to see what a negative toll it’s actually taking on our society as a whole. Self-image in today’s society is held at such a high standard that if you are even 3lbs over weight in Hollywood you are considered fat. Celebrity obsession can start out as something so small like buying a magazine with a fan’s favorite celebrity on the cover, but if not addressed properly, it could quickly lead to a more serious obsession,
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Unformatted text preview: for example, stalking and preying on an innocent celebrity. Our news magazines and newspapers are only feeding into this problem by putting the celebrity with the most issues, this week’s top story instead of making a relevant topic that is going to affect our society as a whole the week’s top story. As a result continuing to turn the blind eye to this obsession, we are only adding fuel to the fire and eventually it’s going to explode....
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