Narrative Essay-Lesson 3

Narrative Essay-Lesson 3 - James 1 Megan James Instructor...

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James 1 Megan James Instructor Yanira Monreal ENG 101; Section 61387 April 4, 2011 Out of Stock: Financial Aid for Students The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (F.A.F.S.A.) has seen a recent spike in applications, from June 2009-May 2010, public and private institutions seen a jump of 22%, but more significantly at community and technical colleges where applications rose 41%. Due to the economic state of the country, I along with many others have found themselves applying for financial aid. Within weeks of turning in my application, I started to see news reports on the government taking huge cuts from the budget of education. The thought of education cuts have me thinking about everything from how to pay for school to student loans and the cost of having one, but most importantly, the fact that without a college education my chances of obtaining descent employment are very slim. The budget cuts to education will of course help the current financial state of the country, but by doing so the cuts are making it harder for students of low income families, me included, to attend college and in turn this makes it harder for us to become successful
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Narrative Essay-Lesson 3 - James 1 Megan James Instructor...

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