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thesis statements-lesson 2 - heros, like "Cops"....

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Thesis Assignment: Lesson 2 Identity Theft Thousands of consumers and businesses alike fall victim everyday to identity theft, which leave lasting effects for years to come along with leaving consumers wondering if they are doing enough to avoid fraud, but also if set laws and regulations are being upheld to keep their personal data out of the hands of criminals. Reality TV Reality TV is having a negative effect on young viewers in society by giving them a false sense of what reality really is, it also serves as a form of pure entertainment when contestants compete against eachother to win cash and prizes and gives everyday people the chance to see job details of everyday
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Unformatted text preview: heros, like "Cops". Climate Change Even though natural causes like the release of methane gas from the artic tundra and wetlands contribute to climate changes, however humans are being targeted as the main factors due to the pollution that is made during the burning of fossil fuels, along with the methane we allow to escape while mining oil and coal. Students Under Stress Among students, school ranks top of the list for the most stressful aspect of life due to the academic pressures to excel, plus the everyday pressures from peers at school, and the pressure from extracurricular activites the student is involved with at school after hours....
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