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Assignment #2 Discussion

Assignment #2 Discussion - Assignment#2 Case Incident 2...

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Assignment #2 Case Incident 2 Blogs are likely to influence people’s perception of ideas and promote a wider number of individuals who agree or disagree with the ideas. People who read a blog with a neutral point of view may come to agree with the message the writer is trying to convey. On the other hand people with opposing view points will feel a strong desire to argue against the author’s claims. It will lead to both groups of people more actively communicating with each other and presenting their ideas. In turn it will lead people’s perception of ideas being changed and more discussions take place. A wider audience will become aware of the content that is being written in the blog due to the generated interest in the topic. It will serve to make people more aware of their environment. Gossip that is spread about a company may lead to good or bad publicity, and will affect the company’s production. If negative comments are posted about a company it will lead to negative publicity, which will hurt the factory’s performance.
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