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Chapter 6 Review 1. On a building that was constructed using platform framing the first step in exterior finishes is to place the roof on. One the rook is in place the work can then start to work towards the ground. The windows and doors are the next items to be added to the house. Once those are in the siding can then begin to be put on. The final step before painting is for the corner boards and exterior trim to be put on. 2. Interior finishing can begin to be applied after the house is sealed from the outside elements. This means that all of the doors and windows must be in place, along with the roof. 3. Several types of siding that require nails are plain bevel, rabbeted bevel, v shiplap, cove shiplap, v-grooze tongue and groove, and board and batten. Most nail based sheathing materials are wood and OSB, but any material that is dense enough to
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Unformatted text preview: hold a nil is suitable. Two main types of exterior finishes that do not require nails are stucco and masonry veneer. 4. Plywood is relatively inexpensive because the labor used to place it is less because it is easier to place and is installed quicker. Plywood siding also eliminates the need for sheathing in some cases. The main problem with plywood siding is deciding what to do with horizontal end joints. 5. Two alternative to wood bevel siding are aluminum and vinyl siding. These are sometimes chosen due to their low maintenance and the fact that all of the fastening materials are hidden. 6. The main cause for exterior paint to fail is the elements. Weathering of the paint causes it to fade and need refinishing. Also improper preparation of the wood before painting can also cause failure....
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