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Human resources is the most important part of a company, and if not properly ran can be the downfall of a great organization. Human resources pertain to every aspect of the company from health and safety to compensation and benefits. This department also deals with the training of new employees and any relations that deal with people. My job is to provide a safe work environment for all employees. It is also important to provide attractive compensation packages to attract good quality workers. Training the employees properly to do the job safely and efficiently is the first step to ensuring a safe working environment. Regularly the company should practice fire drills, tornado drills, and many other drills to ensure staff is prepared in any situation. When things go wrong people panic, panic leads to massive mistakes and people will get hurt. Being responsible for every person in the company is a extremely important position. This position carry’s great responsibility and requires a detailed eye and determination. Keeping workers
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  • Spring '11
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  • Occupational safety and health, safe work environment, attractive compensation packages, good quality workers

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