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Baney_Robert_BUS220_Wk6_Greenhouse - Greenhouse 101 Baney...

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Greenhouse 101 Baney, Robert BUS/220 Gierak, Joanna
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The world is full of opportunities and life is what we decide to do with it. Having decided that I would not be working for somebody else, I have created a small business that has been thriving for years and is expanding at an exciting rate. Due to added work load greenhouse ect, needs to hire 20 people to work fulltime. We do landscaping at off site locations and workers must have a valid driver’s license and must be responsible. As owner operator It is my responsibility to recruit four teams of five people. The mob position is seasonal and pays ten dollars an hour. I need four people to manage the four five member crews. The four managers I need must have great customer service skills and must be responsible and reliable. Managers must maintain a professional appearance and be well groomed and plesent. Managers must have the same idea as I do on where the business is going and how we take care of our clients. We must strive for %110 satisfaction and must go the extra mile to satisfy. At greenhouse ect, we provide a great service for
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