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Race and ethnicity is very close to being the same thing. Most people like to generalize or segregate people according to the color of their skin, to the church they go to or the god they pray to. These are very important issues that the United States has to deal with on a daily basis. Ever since our country has been founded, we have had to live among other people of different race and heritage. Most Americans ancestors have came to this land from somewhere else the true natural born people of this country would be the American Indian. The United States of America is considered the melting pot of the world, this means that we
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Unformatted text preview: have every race, culture and different types of people all in the same country and sharing space, food, fun and many other things. Race is a classification people make about other people, and is usually determined by color of skin, or how a person speaks. Ethnicity is determined by which country you are from or what cultural beliefs you believe in or practice. U.S. citizens are defiantly aware of these things, due to the fact that we all have to adjust and live amongst others who might be different or do different things....
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