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Depending on the situation, yes, the United States policy should favor certain immigrants. I believe those who want to provide a better life for their families and them self should be favored. Many immigrants come from areas for example Iran, which has a horrible controlling government. If found out trying to leave they would be ordered to die. These people are morally abused and controlled. A student’s is another area that should get preference over others. It seems many come here to become educated, to make better money, and gain a better life. If many of these immigrants are willing to gain skills to benefit our nation, plus help themselves then why not? I feel they need to decide immediately if they are going to remain here after they receive their education, if not, do not allow them the education they want. I feel with all the different situations involved, the
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Unformatted text preview: Naturalization Act is good! All immigrants should have to comply with these rules. When they resume residence here and cannot speak, read or write English, this can become very frustrating. I have worked in many different industries that I have experienced the problem with communication. We would have to have someone come in and translate. The saying Help them who help themselves is so true. If they are willing to benefit them and our country, then let them come. But going through the loop holes has to be done. The cost, fingerprinting, everything needs to be done. If they are willing to pay the price, then let them be citizens here. I feel the ones that try to come here illegally, or reside here illegally should be punished in some way, fines perhaps. The employees here should also be fined heavily for allowing them to work for them without citizenship....
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