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Axia College Material Appendix D Indigenous Culture Web Site Review Template Question Response Web site 1 URL: nous-religions?gclid=CMe7rJeMhKcCFcPt7Qod42C2fg Name of Indigenous culture/religio n presented in Web site Cherokee Native American Healers, Shuar people, Ecuadorian Jungle in the province of Pastaza Consider the examples of roles and observances held sacred by these people. Is this practice being kept alive? The Cherokee had spoken about seeing a dream where lightning hit his house and a man spoke to hime and gave him a sacred hatchet. This was a real thing and he furthered his knowledge of his culture and became knowledgeable about native plants and their healing properties mixed with religious practices. The culture of the Ecuador Jungle has a tradition for boys becoming men. When there is a monsoon like storm condition these boys are expected to venture out into the deep jungle with a spear after consuming a plant. Both cultures still practice their beliefs today. They are passed down through the generations by the elders of their tribes. Has the culture/religio n evolved over time? The Ecuador people have reportedly practiced these ways for thousands of years. The Cherokee Native American are the indigenous people for North America. If the culture/
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Baney_Robert_hum_130_appendix_d[1] - Axia College Material...

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