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Axia College Material Appendix E Hindu Terms Map Word What is your personal understanding of each of these terms? After reading the text, how would you redefine each of them? What differences did you find between the popular usage and actual definitions? Karma What comes around goes around. It means action and also the consequence of action. The ways the term was worded, meaning is the same. Reincarnatio n Life after death. One takes birth again and again in countless bodies. Each time something dies it is re-born into another body and this happens forever. Yoga Traditions practiced for relaxation and good health. Purpose to clear the mind and support a state of serene, detached awareness. Yoga means yoke or union referring to union with the true self. Common beliefs are that yoga is a form of exercises, yoga goes
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Unformatted text preview: beyond that to a complete way of living and believing. HUM 130 Guru Hindu God Guru can be any person that guides somebody or teaches them. People with followers, religious leader or spiritual leader. Many people make mistakes when trying to understand another culture. I thought a guru is a god, but they are like priests or pastors or any other religious leader. Chakras Part of body believed to be a passage of energy Prama or invisible life energy, is passed through a series of ehakrs, or subtile energy centers along the spine. People do not fully understand the importance of these beliefs. This is a real religion that practice many different traditions. These people are very healthy and maintain a lower level of stress due to common practices. HUM 130...
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Baney_Robert_hum_130_appendix_e[1] - beyond that to a...

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