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Monotheistic religions Baney Robert Hum/130 Montoya, Judith
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Monotheistic religion is religion that has a belief in only one god. This religion includes Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These religions share common beliefs and ideas, but are also very different at the same time. These religions date back before the time of Jesus and his coming on earth. These religions believe that all people should be good and do good deeds. The belief that god is almighty and always watching strikes fear into the followers into do good. Religion is beliefs in something that can’t be proven and people must depend on their faith in their truth to keep them into their religion. The belief in a higher power and how this entity wants us to act and live life is the source of all things humans do. Not knowing what the true religion is, restricts me and fills me with doubt so I do not believe in a particular religion but I do believe that there is something more divine than humans. Christianity is the one of the world’s most common and known religion. Christianity has also split off into many different sects over the years and created other religions with the same beliefs all that changes is a few words, names, or dates. Christianity began in Palestine following the resurrection of Jesus. Minority views are that it really developed in either Syria or Egypt. The beliefs of Christianity are that Jesus is the son of god, the second being of the trinity of god the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. His crucifixion resurrection. And ascension into heaven and proof of god’s love for humanity, and god’s forgiveness of human sins, and by faith in Jesus one may attain salvation and eternal life. Christians believe that god gave his only son for humans to pay for their sins and give them a chance at eternal happiness in the Promised Land. The Christian god is the Supreme Being and is has uniqueness unmatched by anything. God is all intelligent spirit that is all forgiving and loves all people and living beings. Christian Holy
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Baney_Robert_Monotheisticreligions_wk7 - Monotheistic...

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