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SCI 275: Week 1 – Checkpoint: Local Environmental Issue Baney, Robert
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An environmental problem in my town is pollution. Everywhere you go there are bags, cups, food, etc. all over the side of the roads and my neighborhood ponds. There is no recycling centers or programs in my town, so people throw everything away without things about its harmful affects to the earth. As I drive to and from my home, I see people trashcans by the curb filled with plastic, newspapers and glass. What a sad sight to see! It is also very sad to know that the trash that is in my view will end up in a landfill for years to come. The causes of these problems are people being careless and not taking the time to make extra steps to make sure that the earth exists a little longer. It is so much easier now days to be convenient and quick. Instead of taking a couple extra minutes to sort our plastics from our paper, we just throw everything together because it is the easiest clean up.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that our law is too lenient on people who litter and pollute the air. We should have stricter litter laws and start fining people for their wrong doings. I think us as a community would take this more serious and start thinking before acting. If someone steps back and realizes what they are doing to the air they breathe and that consequences will come to them, it would get them to stop. One thing I can say, in the past few years, Texas has taken the chance to step up and increase awareness about pollution by promoting the “Don’t mess with Texas” campaign. All of these causes are related to human values and environmental ethics. It shows that us as individuals do not take the time to think about the earth and how we affect the things around us. We only have one earth and people need to take that into consideration because we need the earth in order for humans to survive....
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Baney_Robert_Sci245_Week1_checkpoint - I think that our law...

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