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The IAT test is unique and different. I do not understand how they measure the level of somebody’s prejudice by making the person answer those questions as quickly as possible. I took the test about Muslim’s, and the test results defiantly said that I prefer company of other people compared to Muslims. I do think it is difficult to measure the amount of prejudice a person feels or thinks, especially with this silly test. I think that it uses a person’s mistakes to see how they really think or feel due to the fact that you cannot give the wrong answer. Sociologists use what
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Unformatted text preview: is called the Likert Scale after asking a series of open-ended questions, this is the IAT test. I believe they use’s these test’s to get a person not thinking about the questions and just answering questions as quickly as possible without thinking about it. There is no scientific way to measure prejudice, but there is what is called the Bogardus scale. I believe these tests work on the subconscious of people and caught them off guard and get real answers to certain questions....
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